Hey! Im Codeize.

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Hello. I'm Codeize, or Code for short. I'm new to DEV And this is my 1st post here. It's been nice seeing all the amazing work you guys have contributed, and I hope to be a part of it.

My main interests are Python, Discord.py, webdev, I'm wanting to get into game development.

The reason I posted this is : I want to learn more about people here, so if you wanna tell me a bit about yourself down in the comments it would be nice.
And, I have a question, what are you guys' thoughts on how to avoid working too much on a project and getting burned out?

Anyway, thats all for this post,
Thanks, Code :)


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Hey Code! Nice to hear from you!

I'm Abhijit, a student and a growing web developer from India.

Sometimes I feel the same way about work too. It goes like this for me: I overwork one week and the next week I'm completely burnt out. I feel like I've come to a halt.

I want to make it clear that I am not employed and am a student so my methods could be of little use to you 😅 (I hope you find them useful though).

The ways you can avoid burnout are:

  • Take breaks between works. I don't usually follow any Pomodoro timer or anything like that but you can try them!
  • Play games (I'm playing Baba is You nowadays!) and watch YouTube videos. They may or may not be unrelated to tech. Learning a new skill from YouTube doesn't feel like work to me but you might feel different.
  • I sometimes help my mother with house chores. Feels good. =)
  • Also, I've assignments from my college. Completing them takes a lot of time so I'm inspired enough to code again!

P.S. I don't follow the above steps strictly. I sometimes come into a slack after working a lot too. But I hope you find something that suits your needs!

Take care and welcome to Dev! 😄


Hey Abhijit, nice to meet you! Thanks a lot for the tips, I'll give them a go and see what happens. Thanks!