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I present Cogear.JS — modern static websites generator, built with Node.JS and based on Webpack.

Introduction video:


codemotion / cogear.js

Modern static websites generator (Node.JS/Webpack)

Cogear.JS – modern static websites generator

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Cogear.JS is a static site generator build with Node.JS and based on Webpack (v4.6).

It's inspired by Jekyll and others, but built on the top of the latest frontend technologies.

Providing awesome experience of on-the-fly hot reloading to instantly implementing any changes.

Introduction video

Introduction to Cogear.JS


  • 🖥 Modern stack technologies
    Build modern static websites with bundled scripts and styles.
    Rapidly prototype and instantly deploy to the server. Use any modern frontend stack (webpack bundled) – Vue.JS, React, Angular, Ember, etc.
  • 🚀 Blazing fast and reliable
    Performs nearly 1.000 pages per second (depends on the pages content and raw computer processor power). Being online. Server can handle thousands requests per seconds to serve static files (even on tiny VPS).
  • 📦 For any hosting Doesn't requires any database (data stored in flat…

Site (docs, blog, videos):

Recent post at Dev.TO:


Plugins contribution

Read about plugins system:

Dive into Cogear.JS core:

Have a look at Vue.JS plugin:

Only 31 lines.

Try to write plugins for React, Preact, Angular, Ember (whatever you like).

It's just about enhancing Webpack configuration and plug additional loaders to its config.

Test new plugin to work properly.

Publish to Github and NPM.

Core contribution

I highly needed to make tests coverage, but got stuck with Jest on several moments:

  1. Cogear.JS is a CLI application.
  2. Cogear.JS compiles pages asynchronously.
  3. Jest doesn't like 'process.exit()' in app code.

Refactoring is also welcome.

If you or somebody would help with tests — I'll very appreciate it.

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