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Do you have 100% tests coverage? 😏


I 100% had to Google what this meant ;)

Nope, I didn't have any unit test or scripts, etc. For me, it was a matter of looking at the pull request, resolving any conflicts if there were any then merging the code.

Did I break things? Yes. More than once. But I could easily roll back the commit and try again.

Do you have any suggested resources for unit tests, etc? It is something I want to learn more about.


It's very complex topic.

Whether or not we are testing manually whenever we programming.

So why we have to do it by hands if this can be automated?

TDD (Test Driven Development) approach offers reverse approach:

  1. Write a test.
  2. Get test red (failed).
  3. Write a code.
  4. Get test green (succeed).
  5. Refactor code keeping test green.

It helps to keep code in order even when you have large code base in application.

I suggest YouTube (free), docs (of testing software) and some courses (like Frontendmasters — paid).

Tests are almost similar among different programming languages.

Just look up for testing on the platform/language.

I recommend to look at Jest for frontend and backend development with JavaScript.

Take have a look at the movie below:

Thanks for sharing! I've flagged the video to watch later.

I take it you do a fair amount of test writing in your day to day?

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