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re: Looks nice! I'd like to help out. Where to start?

Plugins contribution

Read about plugins system:

Dive into Cogear.JS core:

Have a look at Vue.JS plugin:

Only 31 lines.

Try to write plugins for React, Preact, Angular, Ember (whatever you like).

It's just about enhancing Webpack configuration and plug additional loaders to its config.

Test new plugin to work properly.

Publish to Github and NPM.

Core contribution

I highly needed to make tests coverage, but got stuck with Jest on several moments:

  1. Cogear.JS is a CLI application.
  2. Cogear.JS compiles pages asynchronously.
  3. Jest doesn't like 'process.exit()' in app code.

Refactoring is also welcome.

If you or somebody would help with tests — I'll very appreciate it.

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