Discussion on: Who's looking for open source contributors? (October 1st edition)

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Dmitriy Belyaev

Hi! We're looking for contributors.

Cogear.JS is a static websites generator build with Node.JS and based on Webpack.

It's framework agnostic, so it doesn't depend on React, Vue, Angular, etc, but they can be plugged in via plugins, which enhance Webpack config with proper loaders.

Github repo: github.com/codemotion/cogear.js

There is a bunch of useful tools for Cogear.JS here:

We are looking for contributors for the following points:

  • Writing plugins (to enable React, Angular, Ember, etc.) Look at Vue.JS plugin: github.com/codemotion/cogear-plugin-vue
  • Creating themes
  • Tests coverage (w/Jest)
  • Refactor, refactor, refactor.

We're also looking for project representatives all over the world.

P.S. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch tutorials and learn more.