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Discussion on: Why should you not publish Apps on Odoo Apps Store?

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Jason C. McDonald • Edited

I once volunteered for a non-profit to help their IT put together their website and web store in Odoo. I have to say, Odoo itself is the single worst code base I have ever seen in my life. Everything inherits from everything in a massive tangle of bad design, and they even retrofitted "composition" to be a form of inheritance. It's badly documented, and prone to breaking changes high up in the Jenga tower of inheritance.

(P.S. That IT I was working for was later found to be defrauding the non-profit, negotiating his volunteer role into a full-time paid position, and then claiming it would be an additional seven to ten years before the website — a simple blog + web store + donation option — would be ready to go live. Odoo was one of his delay tactics. I was the one who exposed the IT's scam. Not a fun time.)