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1) Yup, I'm at However, most of my tech articles get reposted here. I'm actually in the odd situation of needing to republish some of my recent articles on my blog!

2) I do enjoy writing articles, and my blog is usually just a platform for publication. An article can take anywhere between an hour and four hours to write, depending on the length and topic complexity.

3) My blog has led to a few speaking engagements, but it's mostly there to share knowledge with others, and that's reward enough for me right now.

4) It's a Wordpress blog, self-hosted on my company's Linode server. I really don't have any concrete plans to make it over, although I'm usually tweaking it to make it easier to add to.

5) is actually where about 75% of the tech articles I consume come from, now! The rest are usually from developers I follow on Twitter, or else from a blog I bookmarked. I'm personally a fan of Jeff Atwood (Coding Horror) and Ned Batchelder, to name a couple.

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