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I started learning vim a while back, and I've never regretted it. I can be so much more productive in it in the command line than I can w/ programs like nano. Sometimes it's even faster than my IDE for particularly complex changes.

That said, vim isn't for everyone. Try it and emacs both - they're quite different, but allow the same degree of uber-productivity once you master it - and then decide which one you like better and learn it. You won't be sorry!

(In case anyone wonders, I hate emacs personally...but I recognize that as my own preferences and way of thinking! I have never known anyone that liked both emacs and vim, but one can almost invariably master one or the other.)



Time to update this answer.

There is an emacs version called Spacemacs with a vim editing mode.

It’s a distribution aimed at those of us who love vi and its keybindings and the power of emacs as an “operating system”.

So #1: it is possible to like both. I see absolutely no reason why not.

And, based off of that, I don’t understand what you mean by “almost invariably”.

So #2: yes. You can master both. There is no evil demon that formats your HD if you try it.

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