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re: Strap In, I've considered writing a blog on this very subject cause I got plenty to say. Software Pet Peeves: A) People responding inappropia...

Funny story, I'm more apt to give MS money (though it hasn't happened in years) than I am to give Adobe money. I'm still warm about them DCing Adobe Flash format, and yet still selling the CS6 product to unsuspecting developers such as myself and my company for YEARS after that decision was made...and then demanding more money for an annual subscription on CC if we wanted to keep our years of hard work.

We lost $800 and 3 years of work to that, and I summarily banned Adobe's software from our company. Never looked back.

But I digress. For that reason, I won't use Brackets. But I DO rather like VS Code (which you may disagree, given the GH integration etc etc).

Love me some Vim and Geany though, whenever I don't need all the IDE-style tools.

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