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Another question, this one via email.

I'm getting ready to finish my masters degree. On the other hand im trying to find a way to get a remote job. According to your experience in the field, what skills do I need? Where should I search?

The exact skills you need depend on the remote job you're applying for, but in general...

  • You'll need to be reasonably proficient with whatever language(s) the job uses.
  • You should be familiar with the common algorithms, data structures, and design patterns in programming.
  • You MUST be able to communicate clearly and effectively with others.

Take a look at (as well as Part 3).

In terms of searching for a job, there are a number of job listing sites for tech, including:

You can also look for a Jobs or Careers page on the website for any tech company you think you might want to work for.

Besides applying to jobs, you should definitely look for opportunities to contribute code to open source projects. This will help you build your all-important portfolio, which any company will want to see as part of considering you for a job.

Third, you should build your professional network through DEV, Freenode IRC, GitHub, LinkedIn, and the like. One of the benefits to have strong working relationships with other coders is that they can recommend you to jobs at companies they work at or have contacts at, and they can vouch for your skills. It takes time to build this network; the main point of any such a relationship should be mutual support, not just "what can I get out of this". Over my years in coding, I've built an extensive network of professional friends across many countries, and touching dozens of major organizations. I never set out to make friends with people who "knew people." These friendships just happened naturally over time, and now are a major help to my career.

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