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S2:E4 - What makes a good speaker? (Kelsey Hightower, Lara Hogan)

This is the last week to submit a talk to Codeland, our annual tech conference, so we wanted to give you some insight on what makes a good talk, a good speaker, and a good proposal. You'll hear from Lara Hogan, who literally wrote the book on public speaking, and Kelsey Hightower, frequent speaker and chair of many tech conferences. They share their personal speaking stories (and nightmares!), how they prepare their talks, and the common mistakes they see first-time speakers make.

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Kelsey Hightower

Kelsey is an open source advocate and toolsmith and spends most of his time working with people and solving their problems.

Lara Hogan

Lara is a VP of Engineering and author of Designing for Performance, Building a device lab, and Demystifying Public Speaking. She champions performance as a part of the overall user experience, helps people get comfortable giving presentations, and believes it's important to celebrate career achievements with donuts.

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