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Amy Maraisane

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Episode 078 – Amy Maraisane – has a college degree in music therapy. After graduating from college, she got a job as a teaching assistant at the local school. She spent the next four years in various roles centred around teaching and employee development. But she was Not satisfied with what she was doing. Amy has decided to take control of her career and taught herself to be a developer. While learning to code, she frequently attended meet-ups to help her in her learning process. That motivation and drive paid off and today she’s a Software Apprentice Developer at 7Factor Software. Not only is she a self-taught developer, she is starting to speak at local meet-ups and writes about what she has learned.

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Amy Maraisane

Amy is a community-taught web developer with a background in teaching and employee development. She loves building great UI/UX and is currently a Software Apprentice Developer at 7Factor Software.

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