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Andrew Kroll

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Episode 087 – Andrew Kroll – is a graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in Liberal Arts. Like all university students, he was on the 9-year plan to get that degree. While he was at University he attended the Digital Crafts coding bootcamp in Atlanta, GA. He used those skills to get a job as a developer. He also spent a year as a TA helping students attending the Georgia Tech Coding Bootcamp. Andrew has utilized his coding skills to create several very amazing side projects that he will talk about.

Mentioned in this episode – SoundCloud for Fighters. – learn the basics of how to build a website. – real time scoring of fights.

Exercise and stay healthy.

It is ok to not know the answer but how you handle it is important.

Andrew Kroll

Andrew is a Front End Web Developer passionate about technology and developing innovative solutions to overcome challenges in today’s marketplace.

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