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Chris Corriere

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Episode 094 – Chris Corriere – has a degree in mathematics and leadership from Kennesaw State University. He’s very interested in mathematics and data, and has used that interest to build his knowledge of data science. His primary area of specialisation has been DevOps. He’s given back greatly to the community as the organiser of the DevOpsDays Atlanta conference. Today, he works as an architect for a medical billing company. He also speaks at tech conferences and writes for multiple publications.

Mentioned in this episode

Ensure whatever you’re doing is something you actually enjoy.

When applying to speak at an event, clearly outline the content and expected outcomes of your talk.

DevOpsDays – A technical conference for developers, sysadmins e.t.c.

Chris Corriere

Chris has been working with data and phone networks and writing software since he was in middle school. He spent eight years working for the Division of Information Technology at Southern Polytechnic State University maintaining over 100 systems in labs and classrooms for various departments.

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