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Episode 072 – Learn Git – if you want to be a developer then you must know GIT. Today Valarie and I have a great bonus episode for you. We are going to talk about GIT. If you are a developer or designer or devops – if you have any of those roles then you will have to know git. Valarie and I will talk about what is GIT and why you need to know it. We will also share our experience of using git in our first and second jobs in tech.

Mentioned in this episode

Learn Git Branching – is the most visual and interactive way to learn Git on the web.

Learn Git course from Codecademy – learn to save and manage different versions of your code projects with this essential tool..

GitLab Resources to learn Git – this page has lots of resources to help you learn git.

Learn Git in 20 minutes – video that teaches you the basics of git.

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