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Maria Lamardo

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Episode 080 – Maria Lamardo – graduated the university cum laude with a psychology degree. She’s a board certified assistant behavioural analyst. After graduating from university, Maria got a job as a behavioural therapist. She worked for many years in this role and had lots of success but she ran into some challenges that prevented her from continuing in her chosen field. So Maria started taking courses at Udacity to learn about programming. She completed the frontend web developer nano degree and the mobile web specialist Nanodegree. She won a Grow With Google scholarship, as well as the Bertelsmann data science challenge scholarship. She applied what she learned to become a freelance web developer. This led her to becoming a UX design and development intern at Red Hat. Today she’s a frontend engineer.

Maria is also heavily involved in the community. She started the Vue Vixens NC, as well as Devs@RTP. Not to sit on her laurels, she also started the Triangle Accessibility meet-up which covers accessibility in tech. And, she speaks frequently at tech conferences.

Mentioned in this episode

When job seeking, ensure that the company’s culture is a great fit for you.

Ensure you communicate clearly in job interviews.

Maria Lamardo

Maria is a Front End Engineer at Pendo. She’s the founder of Devs@RTP, the Vue Vixens NC chapter leader, Triangle Accessibility Organizer and a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst

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