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Tom Kozacinski

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Episode 083 – Tom Kozacinski – has had a very interesting path that he has taken to get into tech. He started with that skill which all aspiring tech people need, which is working at an Irish pub. Then he greatly improved on that skill by working at a print shop. Then he topped it off by doing standup comedy. And the cherry on top was he dropped out of college. Not sure how those skills combined will get you into tech? Then we will let Tom tell us about his journey. We will also hear about how he’s built a successful community for web designers, starting a business, working remote, getting married, and, hear about standup comedy.

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Tim Ferris’s Tools of Titans – the tactics, routines, and habits of billionaires, icons, and world-class performers.

Tom Kozacinski

Tom is a product design consultant, speaker, mentor and standup comedian. He’s also the founder of Freelance Talks Community London.

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