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Episode 084 – Yvonne Allen – has earned 2 degrees in tech – an associate of science degree and a bachelor of applied science in information technology. While she was a student she worked in several jobs to get experience. These jobs were doing technical support, QA and web development. When she graduated she got a job working for Verizon Wireless as an application developer. She is a full stack developer with expertise in Angular and she is a speaker at tech conferences. Today she works for

Mentioned in this episode

Flow yoga where you learn sun salutation A, B & C. You have to remember the steps so you don’t think about work or problems.

Timeslotting – slot tasks for day. When slot ends then move on to the next task. Make sure to include lunch and breaks.

Learn the basics because you will be asked this in every interview.

Yvonne Allen

Yvonne is a lover of all tech, an aspiring Android Developer, aspiring entrepreneur, and world traveler all in one.

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