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Discussion on: Ideas needed for a hackathon

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The last hackathon I participated in we were encouraged to use Design Thinking ( come up with ideas which worked really well.
Another method you can use is to think about problems in your life or in the life of those around you.
Finally, I get weekly startup ideas through this newsletter called Brainstorms. You can check all previous editions here: (I'm not affiliated with this at all).

Now to answer your question more directly, I think one problem worth solving is how to allow homemakers to work and make money. The current difficulty for stay-at-home parents is that they do not have enough time to work full-time and the time they do have is not fixed. Therefore, they need to be able to find work with a completely flexible schedule and lower than full-time load. A technological solution to this could be something like an EdTech platform teaching homemakers skills for jobs which fit those requirements (such as making artisanal jewellery and selling it on their personal ecommerce site). Another solution could be some sort of productivity platform to allow homemakers to keep track of their home tasks and work tasks. Reading your description, I can see that you're homeshooled so you might be able to relate to homemakers a bit more than the traditional developer so this might be right up your alley.

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