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Yitzchok Willroth is an independent web application developer, software development consultant, and coach living in Lakewood, New Jersey.

A start-up veteran, dev bootcamp instructor, and popular conference speaker, Yitzchok is the founder & organizer of the ShorePHP User Group a co-organizer of the NYPHP User Group, and an active participant in the PHPMentoring Initiative.

In 2015, Yitzchok was the driving force behind the Wisdom as a Service World Tour, a year-long effort to engage over 50 User Groups around the world in a conversation about Software Craftsmanship, Personal Growth, and Professional Development.

Passionate about clean code and robust application architecture, he is also a strong proponent of remote teams as a way for software organizations to thrive while affording developers a healthy work:life balance.

You can see his open-source contributions on github, explore is his sadly neglected blog, or follow him on twitter.

Yitzchok is accepting inquiries for immediate coaching appointments (remote) as well as consulting (remote or on-site), and development engagements (via his consultancy, Foundry18) beginning in March 2017.

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