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100 Days of Code

Getting Started

I will be Mostly Coding in Python but I will take Other Languages as my consideration.


For any Language, You must Have the Language Installed in Your System.

Day 1

Today I Updated My E-Commerce Website in which I added a Method for Deleting the Product using JavaScript and the Whole Project is made with Python Django named RushX.

Day 2

Today I Updated My Portfolio Website which was already Built with Flask ( A Framework in Python ) to Django ( The Most Advanced FrameWork in Python ) this can be found here Aman Ojha

Day 3

Today I Continued My React Course and Learned how 2 pass Functions in props to other components and also learned how 2 use React First of all

Day 4

Today I learned about Java more like how 2 create some GUI using Java and also continued with my React Journey but I will be reducing the time which I was giving to it before because from now I will be giving more time to Java and Python(Side Projects).

Day 5

Today I started Game Development in which I created a Basic Game that looks like a 3D Game but is meant for playing like a 2D Game. Hope I will make it as soon as possible.

Day 6

Today got nothing to explain in Detail but I continued my Game Development Journey.

Day 7

Today also I continued my Game Development Journey and also I coded a bit on Hackerrank

Day 8

Added Custom 404 and 500 Error Page to be served when a user entered the URL on the Address Bar, which includes Designing and adding it to my Django Portfolio wanna Try hit this URL Go to the Custom Error Page

Day 9

Continued my Java Course for the College Course which I am ahead of 2 Units.

Day 10

Worked on My 3D Game and made a bit of change while creating a new project which will be a complete 3D Game also made some models which I will use in my Game which I call Cube Runner.

Day 11

I did complete My Android App on which I was trying to get over for a long time. Also, I completed my Core Java Course by Naveen Reddy a.k.a. Telusko.

Day 12

Today I started to attend a Blog Writing Online assessment program in which I will be taught how to write perfect blogs depending upon the topics from deciding the Blog topics to publishing them online.

Day 13

Today I made a progress in my Blog writing. Today I learned how to find a trendy topic for my Niche ( The specific area in which you want to write blog posts is called Niche ). You can have researched your Niche by using tools like alltop and Google Trends.

Day 14

After you had decided on the trend on which you want to write blog posts for some time shortly now it is important to create some catchy headlines for your blog post you can have some catchy headlines using these websites for free TheHoth and Hub Spot.

Day 15

Now when you are ready with your Catchy Headlines for the blog post let's analyze the headline for the amount of traffic it can gain with that headline. You can use Coschedule for this purpose.

Day 16

After you have written your blog post I'm sure it will be the best of your content but let's improve it a bit more. You can use Power Thesaurus and to Improvise your words to make a better impact on your readers.

Day 17

After making the necessary changes in the words of the blog we must evaluate our blog with some grammar check tool. You can use the Grammarly tool to get your grammar check for free with additional suggestions.

Day 18

Adding Images and gif format videos in your blog post always preferable to make your content more attractive to the reader or the users of the platform either it is your blogging website or some free blogging platforms. You can use Blogger for this.

Day 19

Creating your image or gif format videos is best as you don't have to search for the image or gif format videos. You can use Giphy GIF maker or ImgFlip. And for Editing Images you can use Canva and Pixlr.

Day 20

Check your plagiarism to check the availability of the content over the internet so that your content doesn't match up with some other blogs over the internet because it can lead you to get sued for stealing their content. You can use Dupli Checker or Quetext to get your job done for free.

Day 21

From today I started building a Mini Project for my Best friend Apoorva which will be a website similar to Udemy where everyone will be having access to the best books and best video courses over the Internet.

Day 22

I started designing for a website that can be used for the best UI for the users ( and I think I had my best-Designing skills in this ).

Day 23

I made a bit of Home Page and the Course pages which will help me out to create the HTML contents via Jinja Templating ( Django related terminology ). It looks good but yes the Dashboard page looks awful to the eyes.

Day 24

I made a bit of the model and Database Designing and Table separation from other entries or you can say like the creation of tables in Database [ new table for the new task ].

Day 25

Worked on views like how the URLs will work and how the data will be presented to the user once the user hits the website with its Unique IP address.

Day 26

Created some session variables in Python for the website and allotted the users a special user name which will be compared for every particular task and operations will be performed based on the user name which will be stored in a session variable.

Day 27

Worked on some of the images and URLs of the books which shall be provided to the user once the user had done with purchasing ( btw I had not made the process for purchasing but working on the file how the user can access the file once logged in ).

Day 28

After they can be downloaded I thought of to get rid of the Payment system in this website and now working on it not like I made in RushX but still a decent payment system where you can get the payment done after the owner confirms that you had made the payment yea it is old school but still I love it [ sometimes you can cheat with your customers I know that's illegal but I still dream of this ]

Day 29

Done with the Payment system and now also with the user based view where a user can have some setting according to the user settings ( Wanna try this website ?? DM me on my Instagram)

Day 30

Fixed some bugs in this website like the user image was not loading and the password was not secure when it was going in the Database. Finally Done with the Mini Project of my friend I can still make it good than its current position but I have to build my Project also which I am thinking to make a Youtube clone with a Hotstar look or GUI Tell me on my Instgram

Day 31

Handed over the Project to Apoorva and now waiting for the Responses for my project is it Good or not till now I have got 8 response from your side I was expecting at least 20 but not bad I will try to decide on that only BTW I will be still waiting for you all till then I will go back to Hackerrank

Day 32

So today I got 10 Responses from your side and I will do the necessary modifications and continue to the same Project I was telling you all about also I will keep on updating this website and this will be 100% free of cost so you don't have to pay in this website to watch contents just like YouTube, not like Hotstar but today also back to the Hackerrank.

Day 33

I started designing my Website with HTML and CSS but trying to not make an exact copy of Hotstar for I don't know for legal reasons and also I am seeking some inspirations for this on dribble if you got some please let me know.

Day 34

I had Developed a Prototype for my website which can be seen on my Instagram I used Figma for this design and hope to design more ( just saying but designing is not my cup of tea I got to know now ).

Day 35

I now have Developed some of the Data modules for the Database and tables for the website I am going to Develop. It is the easiest thing I think at my level coz all you have to do is figuring out which things are going where and you are done with it But sometimes it feels frustrating when you have to enable the comments.

Day 36

Today I started Writing HTML for this with mostly CSS to make the best UI for the user. and with some basic competitive coding thing.

Day 37

Designing is almost complete but it will consume me today's day most probably tomorrow it will be complete because still I have some pages ( with CSS ).

Day 38

Developed some models in Python for constructing the Database Tables while integrating the Firebase with Django ( which I will be using as a backend for this Project )

Day 39

Today I created the views for the users which they get when they hit my website also worked on data models that what content will be available to them when they log in or open the website.

Day 40

Developed logics for the user signup and user log in with the connection variables for the user to set up the settings based on their preference such as dark mode and other stuff.

Day 41

Today I developed the login for the user to change the password as well as the username and reducing the space required to a fixed storage ( trying to figure out ).

Day 42

I figured out how to reduce the storage to almost fixed things. Let me tell you how to do this
What if I just tell the user to store the image or the video to some of your hosting platforms or Google storage and provide us the link then through that link we will access the item it can be image or video just to place it under the correct tag in HTML5 and everything will work just as fine so trying out how to implement it.

Day 43

So this technique worked just as I thought and it provides me to get some free images to the articles or the content and paste the URL to the Adress bar which Django provides and deliver the content to the consumer of the website and now trying out the same thing with the video.

Day 44

Finally finished with this project and fixed some bugs like images not being rendered when data models were differentiated for anime and movies.

Day 45

Back to Hackerrank and practiced some problems on DBMS and Python.

Day 46

Started with React JavaScript and following a tutorial from Udemy and FreeCodeCamp while I will be revising the JavaScript with more details.

Day 47

Today I learned about the useState function in React JS in which I learned about useState basics with some useState Counter and also useState objects and Arrays.

Day 48

Today I got into some concepts of effects basics and also about fetch data from the Internet and cleanup and why we should use cleanup for useEffects and practiced some basics of useState.

Day 49

Today I learned about multiple returns in a React Component where it will work based on if statement and based on that if statement it will give you that return statement from that component. with it, I learned about short circuit methods and also show and hide in React JS.

Day 50

Today I learned about forms which include controlled inputs and multiple inputs while the control of those forms will be with React.

Day 51

Today I took a look back on the previous concepts I learned in React JS while moved on with a small concept of useRef you have to assume it as a tag in your JSX forms which we learned in the previous days.

Day 52

Today I took a look at useReducer in ReactJs and that's all coz it was a bit confusing for me to digest in one day I will have to take a look in the future.

Day 53

Today I learned about prop Drilling in this I learned how to pass some information to every child function to render it out on the webpage.

Day 54

Today I learned about context APIs and how can we use them to rectify the error of prop drilling and Render the Component to the user.

Day 55

Today I learn about how to create custom hooks and how to make our apps clear from the custom hooks clutter.

Day 56

Today I thought of taking a break and solve some of the Hackerrank problems as today in my college some coding competitions were there so I was busy there but still learned about prop types in React JS.

Day 57

Today I learned about the React Router and learned how to build multi-page React apps with designs being at their best.

Day 58

Today was the final round of the Hackerrank coding competition in my college so I was there but still managed to finish the last topic of my React course named as useMemo and useCallback.

Day 59

Today I learned about Flutter and Dart basics and how to dive in Flutter. Flutter is way more good Android app Development Language I feel so. moreover, you can just develop your Android App, and also you can have your Appin IOS with the same codebase and also Samne design.

Day 60

Today I learned about how to set up Flutter in Windows OS and how to develop the first basic App in flutter and how to get it running on the Android Emulator.

Day 61

Today I learned about Dart basics about how to write programs in Dart programming language ( basically print statements and if statements in Dart programming language ).

Day 62

Today I learned about more Dart basics and more dart basics. It is quite similar to C++ if you have ever been familiar with C++.

Day 63

Today I learned about building a widget tree and Layout control or using some specific Widget in Flutter as today I got to know that everything is a widget and how to manage different widgets in the widget tree.

Day 64

Today I learned about functions and buttons in flutter and also about Anonymous functions in Flutter

Day 65

Today I learned about how to Develop custom widgets in a flutter with custom styling in the Flutter widget.

Day 66

Today I learned about how to map lists to widgets and also about Map functions in Dart and how to use them in different types of Dart programs.

Day 67

Today I learned about final and const keywords and how to use if statements in flutter specific program to make it a good dynamic Android App.

Day 68

Today I deep dived in Dart specifics and also about more on If statements in both flutter and Dart and also studied about null variable in some blog posts on Dev Follow me on Dev.

Day 69

Getters and else-if statements are very good and also splitting your App into different Widgets is very good and most of the control remains with the programmer.

Day 70

Today being the last day of the Flutter Course I wrapped up the Flutter Course with some Small widgets and creating some basic view to deliver the user a best Android App.

Day 71

I have to move back to Ghaziabad ( where my college is located ) and that travel will be a real tough thing for me so for the next few days I am only going to read some of the Blog Posts and also some tips and tricks for the next projects.

Day 72

Today I Practiced some Questions about Python on Hackerrank as I feel like I am going to forget all the concepts by learning new things [ I don't want to lose all the things ].

Day 73

Today I Practiced some Questions about Python on Hackerrank again and also started reading some Blog Posts on Dev.

Day 74

I am traveling right now and got nothing to write today's follow-up but I am reading blog posts about Django right now.

Day 75

I arrived today as it was a 24 hours travel from [ Renukoot to Ghaziabad ] and now I am back to my Dev setup and trying to set up my Dev setup and a Perfect Developer Table today while a Single Blog post read today I know its way too less by the work done on previous Days but we were traveling Bro lol.

Day 76

Today I read multiple Blog Posts, not like yesterday but yes I did some Coding that was particularly server-side for the RushX like auto Updating the Date when it is going to expire and like Auto-Adding Products whenever I grant the permission to Heroku.

Day 77

Today I learned about Dennis on Youtube who talks more and Works way more on Django and Does the Tech mobile Reviews ( like some Random Indian YouTuber ) and works on more Django Projects.

Day 78

From Today I am starting studying Data Structures and algorithms for the College Placements and I am kind of Bit upset as I was not Placed in Wipro from the College Placements and I want to get Placed in Somewhere ( I want t very bad ).

BTW Happy Christmas

Day 79

Today I learned about How to Integrate React JS with Django like to Deploy Apps with Django as a Backend and the FrontEnd with React JS I also Deployed a Basic React app with Django as a Backend at this link.

Day 80

Today I am starting to learn how to work on APIs with Django you guessed it Right Rest Framework and now Trying to be familiar with Postman and GET and Post methods in Postman and Browser.

Day 81

Today working on Rest more and also Trying to follow up FreeCodeCamp Tutorials like how to Develop Function-based API and Class-based API.

Day 82

Today I developed some Basic Projects on Python and for the next 8 Days to Develop some Basic Projects. Today I developed an App notification for Windows 10 to Give you a custom Notification.

Day 83

Today I developed a Basic Calculator with Class Concept which was to deliver to Alok Sir as some Python Project for Jrs. It was good to Develop a full-fledged Application in just 1 Day.

Day 84

Today I Developed a Basic Youtube Video Downloader with a CLI Interface I tried to Develop this with no GUI and want not to go forward with this sadly.

Day 85

Today I started My New Project of Blog App with React JS as Front-End and Django as Back-End So for this, I Configured multiple things like Project settings for Django and React both.

Day 86

Today I started Designing the Blog UI in Figma and searching for some inspiration for the Best minimalistic Design things.

Day 87

Today I got to remember that I was studying Data Structure and Algorithm by CodewithHarry and I want to continue with that only for now.

Day 88

Today I Revised the concepts of Array and Strings and Practiced some questions like reversing a string and some others also.

Day 89

Today I revised the concepts of Tricky questions like recursion and other things of the same type.

Day 90

Today I practiced some questions on Hackerrank of Python and C++ to have a better practice on Data Structures.

Day 91

Today I Practiced some questions on Linked List by asking for some help from my Teacher from way back from my School Teacher.

Day 92

Today I practiced some questions on Queues in C++ language only and now I am thinking to work on my Project again.

Day 93

So now Back to my Blog Project in React and Django but currently again to HTML and CSS with a little of Bootstrap and Unsplash Images.

Day 94

I figured out a Basic and minimalistic Design and now Figuring out how to Develop some basic CSS styling.

Day 95

I got it working I mean a Basic HTML CSS page but It will be good If I apply a basic JS like vanilla JS to make it a bit of a Dynamic thing.

Day 96

I made it the Basic Prototype of the future Blogging Website now I will start working on the React thing like converting this website into some small Components and Rendering it out using React Rendering.

Day 97

Today I started to make the components more and made good progress but I am kind of stuck in some HTML CSS things because I now want to change the Blog card and now I am kind of stuck in it.

Day 98

Today I Developed the API with Django and now exporting the Data as JSON Response I will change this in near future but for the current scenario, It is good to have JSON Response.

Day 99

Today I started to allow myself to post to the Database by not going into the DataBase but still writing the Contents into the Database.

Day 100

Today is the Final Day but I am still Stuck in the React Blog ard things but I have made it a Multi-Page App with Django being the Backend but the Development is almost 3 % complete lol.


After a good amount of time spent on 100 Days of code I am gonna say that if anyone is thinking of doing 100 Days of Code he should probably do this.

As you all read that I was doing my 100 Days of Code with 7 Languages but I will suggest any newbie to go on with only One Programming Language whatever it can be For Example :- Python, Java, Flutter, C++, C# whatever ( But as a suggestion if you are a complete newbie then go on with Python OR JAVA . These both have some benefits like in both of the Programming Language you can Develop GUI Apps or Back-End for Websites or Maybe in Java you can also Develop you Android App )

As being focused on only one Programming Language you can master it within 100 Days and if you are a Under Graduation student then the power remains with you to code as much as you can. I personally coded for almost 6 hours per day but it is completely on the coder(wanna be coder).

I am available to any queries if you have any about 100DaysOfCode or any Programming related.

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Otu Michael

What did you learn in the 100days? What would you have done better based on what you learnt? What advice would you give to another newbie who wants to go on a 100 days of coding?

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Aman Ojha Author

I do have Edited my post as I felt that I should include this topic as well in this post.

I have added this topic at the end of the Post so do consider to read that part.