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What advice would you like to give yourself when you were a student?

coderjojo profile image coderjojo ・1 min read

Currently I'm a pre-final year college student. As you all are gone through this, what advise would you like to give someone like me?

How to stay motivated while having mixed opinion for programming ?

How to choose correct career path in programming ?

and much more.


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Hey Jojo! Even I'm in my prefinal and used up my two years exploring different fields. Now I have finally found a domain(Python software development) and I'm working on a few projects to get better at it. It's completely okay to feel confused because that confusion leads you to explore more and more and finally you get a eureka moment! when you finally get that moment, don't think more about what others are doing, instead, start working and keep getting better at it. In short, do what you love and be the best at it! I'm also a learner in college and this is just my opinion. All the best! :))


Thanks for the advice!
I did kinda wasted 4 years ( 3 Years Diploma + 2nd year engineering) trying to master different CS field but then it turn out I'm not even good at any one particular field.


It's okay. nothing is ever too late to start! Start with something you love and try to get better at it. By that way, you will feel more confident about yourself!

Maybe after doing one or two internships, I'll get clear understanding about my career.

Again, Thanks for the help 😃


things I would advise students to give it more attention before graduation :
1- Front-End development. Don't avoid it. The first Job most likely will be in front-end.

2- get your hands dirty into some legacy codes, and refactor the codes. There is a high chance It will be part of your first career as a developer


I can't agree with that. Why someone who wants to be data scientist should learn frontend development? I know, there are some reasons, but then this person would mostly like to learn excel, not frontend


Thanks for the advice
But what if I don't like the design part of Frontend Development?


Don't worry about that, you will be working with the UX team, they will do all the needed UI. After that, you as front-end developers will link the UI and do some changes in order to connect with the backend.

Will definitely try to level up my Frontend skills.