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1 Month After JavaScript Bootcamp

codetivated profile image Melissa Heying ・3 min read

Hi all! It's been a few weeks since my last post and I just wanted to share what I've been up to! ✨

I still don't have a "real job" but I do have have a job. What I mean is, furthering my knowledge is a job I've given myself. And the reward? The AHA moments 🎉! I freaking love these moments. Some of them are so tiny, but holy cow do they feel good! These moments are what keeps me going.

I've started to get into a routine at my job. I wake up around 7, drink some coffee and journal. In my journal, I write about all the things in my head like my dreams I just woke up from, things that are bothering me, things I'm excited for... the list goes on. I've just recently picked up another thing to journal about and that is one goal I want to accomplish for the day. I got this idea from a post by Nick Bull.

It's only been two days since I've implemented this but doing that has already improved those days. For example, yesterday I wrote 📝 "Complete Laundry". I had two baskets that needed to be put away. After putting everything away, I got the idea to clean out my closet. After cleaning out my closet, I cleaned out the pantry which lead to me cleaning the house AND leaving to go grocery shopping. I'm going a little off track here but I just wanted to share the power a little journal entry had.

Alt Text

Back to my work routine. After I journal I get ready for the day and once I'm ready, I code. I code for a few hours, usually until 12 or so. During this time I'm either following tutorials or building something of my own. I find that my attention span only holds for a few hours and after reading some articles, this is completely normal.

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After coding for a few hours, I do something non code related. Like today I ran/walked 3 miles. Side-note 📝 I used to be a runner and stopped after I ran 2 half marathons within 2 weeks from each other. That was really hard on my knee and recovering from that took a long time 🚑. A goal I have outside of coding is to get into that running groove I was in once before.

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Side-Side note 📝 📝 Brains are really cool in that if you set your mind to something, you can truly accomplish anything. So set goals, even if they're itty bitty. Because, when you complete these goals, your brain gets rewarded with endorphins which motivate you to complete an even bigger goal. 🥅

Alt Text

After my little break of non coding, I take another type of break. This may sound silly to some, but this is what works for me.

I take a nap.

Alt Text

I'm a napper. I NEED a power nap most days. When I worked at the orthodontist office I would nap during lunch. Luckily my mom lived 5 minutes away from the office and she would let me come over and nap, lol. So I don't just nap to nothing. I find a YouTube video about coding or something I'm having trouble understanding in coding and sleep to it. I find myself dreaming about what's going on in the YouTube video and when I wake up, I feel motivated to squeeze in a little more learning. I usually re-watch what I just slept to and is when things click for me! Not sure why this works but it's great because I get my power nap out of the way and feel smarter, lol.

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And that's usually my day in a nutshell. What little tricks work for you guys when learning? I'd love to hear your inputs and insights! Thanks for reading my coding life update 💚

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