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2nd Week At JS Bootcamp

codetivated profile image Melissa Heying ・Updated on ・2 min read

Mixed Feelings, but it's all good.

Alrighty! My second week in a nutshell: I went home and cried twice, LOL. Learning how to code is hard as is, but learning how to learn is even harder. Who knew that learning would bring something called "imposter syndrome" to your mind.

I feel like in Javascript world, I'm two years old. Meaning, I know some words but I don't know how to write a sentence. But, I'm not discouraged because when I actually get my JS code to work, I feel goooood. I feel like how I imagine Elon Musk must have felt when his spaceship launched into outer space. 🚀

This week we learned about Arrays and Loops and all the stuff around and in between (bracket notation, logical operators, utility functions. We started off easy. I made an array called makeup 💄 that had 'lipstick', 'eyeliner', 'blush', 'mascara'. That was cute and I thought, Wow! Now I understand arrays, until we were introduced to the ability to add to Arrays.

Honestly it's simple. You can use Array.push(). But what threw me off was the logic behind getting to the point where you push to the Array. There's all sorts of steps to complete before it just magically appears in that array. You have to querySelect or getElementById and listen for a 'click' or 'submit'. Then you have to preventDefault. Next, you have to create an empty object for the user's input all while also making sure (in my case) that the property values don't repeat in the array. Phew, as I type this I feel proud that I'm understanding how it all connects because all week I was super confused.

I have to give a shout out to my instructor and classmates. I know my classmates are also learning, but with the knowledge they have, they use it to help me understand what the heck I'm doing 🤡. My instructor is also super smart and picks up on the keywords in my horribly constructed questions to help answer those questions.

I'm not only learning Javascript in this Bootcamp, I'm also learning how to learn. I can't wait to bring what I've learned this week to the next week. Learning is kind of like making a for() loop for my brain array. Bad joke 🎉.

With that, I'm out. 💚

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Manav Misra

Maybe your instructor is not actually that smart - they have just made more mistakes than you have😼

robinsond7691 profile image

Daang look at you! I see you're progressing fast! Keep it up!!