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First 2 weeks of my Internship!

codetivated profile image Melissa Heying ・Updated on ・3 min read

Yep, you read that right, I've started an internship! 🎉

I feel like this internship has happened just at the right time. Looking back at when I first graduated bootcamp, I don't think I would have been ready. I definitely needed the time to sort through every thing I learned.

My internship project is to create an Internal API documentation application using OpenAPI (Swagger) with an Angular frontend.

I was told that I was going to be making a Swagger application a week before my internship which I had no idea what that meant 🙈. So the first thing I did was watch a ton of YouTube videos about Swagger. I also purchased a course on Udemy. I probably didn't need to do that, but it helped prep my mind. Now I was ready to do this thing!

Week one

I was given a laptop of my choice. I chose a mac because I'm a mac girl ✨. I spent a good time getting everything installed and making my VSCode perfect. A little later I was informed I'd be using Intellij IDE 💩. I've never worked with an IDE before so that was the first new thing I had to get used to. I'm not going to lie, it was pretty intimidating, but it's actually pretty cool now that I've gotten the hang of it.

Since this is my first time working at a real company, I didn't know what was to be expected of me. I wasn't sure if I needed to take control and start creating this application or if I should wait for direction. I knew I needed to ask questions. But I didn't know what to ask. A part of me started to feel like an imposter. So I started reading blogs about "What it's like to be a Junior Dev". I'm glad I did because what I was feeling was completely normal. So I finally asked my first question. I asked what Version Control they used. Git with Azure. This was the second thing that was new to me.

They showed me how to login to their Azure site which displayed 374,328,472,378 repos. This is a complete exaggeration but I've never seen so many in my life. I started to look through them to see if anything looked familiar. Everything was either in Java or C# - I only know JavaScript - I let a little bit of panic run through me for a second and then I started breaking down the code piece by piece and took notes. I googled a few things here and there and then it was starting to make sense.

I got a little more direction when I was told that they wanted this application to have an Angular front end. - I only know React - Again, I let a little bit of panic run through me. I started looking on Github for Angular starter repos. I found a few and started playing with them in the IDE. Some things looked familiar like components but I noticed that the files had .ts instead of .js. Third thing that was new to me, TypeScript.

And then it was the weekend! 💥

I spent all weekend learning Angular through another Udemy tutorial. I learn best by watching and doing. Docs are hard for me to read but I will admit they are getting easier!

Week 2

This week has been a game changer! I came in and knocked out a SideNav bar that displays a list of links. Each link when clicked on takes you to an API Swagger document. These documents are based off of the company's external APIs for now but my next step in this is to document the internal APIs. Angular is still a bit confusing to me because I find myself thinking how to come at this with my React brain. IMO, I like React better but I'm happy to learn new things.

I feel so grateful to have this internship. It's definitely challenging but life would be boring if it wasn't.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading & until next time 💚

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Mathew Chan

Good job, Melissa! I have to admit I also started as a developer who needs to look for answers and resources online, which works quite well with current frameworks that have an active community - React, Vue, Django. But at a company I often I have to work with legacy code bases/frameworks and all I can look up is the official documentation. I'm sure you'll get better at reading docs, learning best practices, and coming up with your own approach when necessary!

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Melissa Heying Author

Thank you! Only way to get better at docs is to keep reading them, haha! I’ve found that if I read them slowly and out loud, I tend to understand them better 😊

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Dennis Keirsgieter

I like your spirit and the way you seem to tackle the problems you encounter Melissa.
Remember that it is normal for everyone to be overwhelmed from time to time.
But how you handle these situation is what makes a difference for me between a okay dev and a good dev.

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Melissa Heying Author

Thank you. What helps is reminding myself that I’ve made it this far and nothing has caught on fire!

lynnecodes profile image

That is so exciting! And I’m so happy for you! Reading this definitely made me feel hope for my future as a dev.

Congrats on your internship!

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Melissa Heying Author

Thank you 😊 You definitely got this!!