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Week 3 of JS Bootcamp

codetivated profile image Melissa Heying Updated on ・2 min read

This week we dove deep and I almost drowned 🚑 . Almost is the keyword there because by the end of the week, I realized I could stand.

Reaching back to my previous post about learning how to learn, I decided to change my way of learning. This week, I took less notes and just listened. At first I could only focus on the fact that I was not taking notes because that's all I've ever done when learning. But I started to redirect my focus when I realized I was not understanding anything.

A few nights this week I was mentally exhausted and frustrated that I couldn't wrap my head around map() and filter() and the logic behind it. I was also overwhelmed with Vanilla Javascript and all the steps we had to take in breaking down our code into components. Not going to lie, I was in a bit of a panic. Was this ever going to make sense?

I started reading a few blog posts from my classmates and watching tutorials from my instructor and things started to click 💡 . Not sure how, but I think seeing code through their point of view helped me visualize a different way of understanding.

One of their posts talked about breaking down code, piece by piece. They asked themselves certain questions about what the code was doing and where it needed to go next. And that's when I realized that I was looking at code all wrong. I wasn't actually reading it step by step. So I decided to slow down and only move forward once I understood each section.

This helped me not only start to grasp map() and filter(), I started to understand additional Array.prototype methods like splice() and slice(). Included below are examples to prove it!

// Splice

const days = ['Monday', 'Tuesday', 'Wednesday', 'Thursday']
days.splice(4, 0 , 'Friday')

// places 'Friday' at index 4 after 'Thursday'

// Slice

const makeup = ['lipstick', 'mascara', 'blush', 
'bronzer', 'eyeliner']

// Takes out 'lipstick' at index 1 and keeps ["mascara", 
"blush", "bronzer", "eyeliner"]

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**** Below has been updated but I left it here because it could help someone in the future!! I needed to specify Javascript after the 3 backticks in my snippet.*****
Welp, that was my first time using a snippet and it's not colorful like it should be 🙈. That's another thing I need to learn and will update once I do!

Week 3 has been the toughest yet, but I'm still alive and still wanting to learn. If anyone has any pointers for how you learn, I'd love to hear about your tricks and tips. Have a great day and thanks for reading my weekly posts. 💚

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Manav Misra

On the 'non-colored post' - probably, just need to specify 'javascript' after the 'triple backticks' at the top.

codetivated profile image
Melissa Heying Author

WOO! That worked, thanks!!

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Ian De Bie

your perseverance is inspiring and motivates me. keep up the great work!

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