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Week 6 of Javascript Bootcamp! (Half way through!!)

codetivated profile image Melissa Heying Updated on ・2 min read

Here we are, week 6 of 12 and the glass is half full! 🎉 I'm really starting to enjoy Web Development because I'm actually able to follow along what we're doing in class. I've noticed that I'm starting to ask the right questions when figuring out the solution. Even when I don't fully know the logic, I am on the right track. Honestly at this point, I think it's just practice. I have a tool belt now and know the differences between those tools. 🔨 👷 🔧

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We dabbled into React a bit more this week and got introduced to Bulma, a CSS Framework. My CSS skills are lacking a bit, so using Bulma is a nice way to feel like I have some talent there.

I've already made the realization and decision that I don't want to be dependent on CSS Frameworks. Since my life currently is composed of Eat, Bootcamp, Sleep, Repeat, I plan to further my education in CSS once I have a bit more time. But for now, Frameworks it is! 💄

Although there's a lot to Bulma, this is what I've gathered so far:

Bulma has a basic 6 color theme (along with your black, grey and whites). I like this because the colors compliment each other, allowing the developer to mix and match without worry. To select from these colors, all you have to do is specify the class.

Alt Text

There's an abundance of classes to choose from and they all do different things. You can change the size, color and shape of buttons. And, you can invert the colors and text.

There's tables, nav bars, forms with different input types to use.

Bulma also uses Flexbox for their columns. I still need to get the hang of Flexbox but I know what it is and I think it's neat that Bulma and Flexbox are related.

I created a movie app using React. There's a search bar that takes in the user input and uses an API to bring you whatever movie is typed in. After I get the hang of Bulma, I will share the link to my live site! It's live currently (deployed by Netlify) but there's no way I'm sharing the link to my ugly baby, lol 💩.

Week 6 was definitely a turning point and I'm so proud of the growth I'm seeing in myself. This journey still has a long road ahead of me but it feels good to post about my wins. 💚

P.s. To all you established Web Devs out there: You guys rock!! Web development is an amazing skill to have and I look up to that so much!! 💥

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Manav Misra • Edited

I plan to further my education in CSS once I have a bit more time.

👏🏽 It's easy for students to get lazy with CSS and just depend on a framework. Usually, sooner or later, they get burned 🔥 by this.