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Free WordPress Themes From ThemeForest For July 2020

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A new month as started, we're reaching the slowly but nicely the end of the year. We hope everything is going as you wish. As usual, we have some goodies that can bring some joy to you this month. Exactly, it's the moment for the Envato Free WordPress themes.

Envato usually offers every month Free Premium WordPress Themes that you can download and use without paying any penny (you read it well, completely free). These themes aren't aiming a specific niche so it's randomly picked. The offer starts from the beginning of the month till the end (so 31 July 2020). Are you curious about what are the themes ? Let's jump into it.

What Terms Applies To Envato Markets Freebies ?

Free Items are premium items that have been selected to be shared for free with the Envato community. You, therefore, have the right to download and use it on your project. But for that download applies the Regular Terms, meaning, you cannot resell the product. Even if from it, you've created another product. If you're an open-source lover as we are, you're free to share it with anyone you want.

The main downside of free items is that you can't receive updates and support (I'm pretty sure you agree with that). It's however a better way to quickly test a product and decide to buy a license (which is what we recommend).

As we offer a direct download here, the files are on the same state it has been downloaded on ThemeForest, we do not offer any support or aren't responsible for the damage it might cause (as we aren't the author or haven't modified the items).

Enjoy it.

Envato Free Premium WordPress Themes

The following list is not made in a specific order. These covers the blogging and the portfolio niche.

Envato Cheap WordPress Themes

What follows is a group 3 premium but cheap WordPress themes, on various niches as the previous one. We've handpicked these from ThemeForest directly.

Summing Up

We hope you'll enjoy this theme and that they will help you creating amazing WordPress website. We remind you we don't provide support for the items downloaded, you should buy a license once you're done testing to have access to update and support. If you're the author of one of these themes and don't want to have your item available for download email us at contact@codewatchers.com.

Is there any theme we've missed ? Let us know of the following comment secetion.

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