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How to create an HTML form? | How to style an HTML form?

How to create an HTML form? | How to style an HTML form?

Hello guys welcome to Code With Random blog, today we learn How to create an HTML form and How to style an HTML form. We use labels, name input, password, email inputs and the last one is submit button.
Creating HTML form | simple HTML form for beginners

  1. Setup our form tag

    We add all our form code in this form tag so our 1st step is to create a form tag in an HTML document. now we start adding our inputs felids into this form tag.

  2. Start with Name inputs
    First name:

    We use label for better styling and use input Or type text and give a id so we target especially this element then use Placeholder for user easy understanding. And our input field is ready for filling text.


Label with input field

Visit my website for all source code of how to make html form

Hope you like this post and enjoy it. If we did any mistake please comment it down so this help full for also our users. Thank you for reading.

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