Most weird Personal Portfolio 😒 freecodecamp final project

codezada profile image Hafizur Rahman ・1 min read

I feel very frustrate to complete freecodecamp challange but finally I complete this ...
My next goal is to learn Javascript and make interactive website


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Frustration and learning are very related to one another in this field 😊


Thank you sir for motivate me !


Aw man! This is so great! Congratulations! It's not weird at all, and please don't forget that everyone starts somewhere. You might find my tutorials helpful actually - they're meant for beginners who are just starting to try to build their own projects. Check out my profile if you're interested :)


you've got new subscriber !


There is no weird thing. Actually, it looks good. Don't stop. I believe you will be much better.

Every good developer starts with weird things, btw.

Congrats 🙏🙏🙏


Thanks for motivation brother


Are you talking about the survey form? 😳😂


🤣🤣... Thanks for review my project. What about my other projects ??


Practice makes perfect keep going and don't look back ;)