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Code Inspector is now Codiga

Code Inspector started as code analysis and code review platform. When I started to seriously work on the project in 2020, the product solely focused on code reviews online.

Since 2020, a lot of things happened. The company entered Techstars Boulder, raised a seed round (to be announced soon!), and expanded its team internationally with talented engineers and designers. We are expanding our product portfolio with real-time feedback in VS Code, JetBrains products, and even Google Chrome, where you can check code on GitHub or even Python Notebooks. And we have more products to come.

For that reason, we are rebranding ourselves with a new name. With this new name comes a new brand entity and a new logo. We spent weeks working on this new identity and we love it.
If you are a user of Code Inspector, you may want to use to transition and use our new tools and we recommend you read our migration guide.

New products are coming in the coming weeks, stay tuned and follow us on Twitter, or Youtube to stay up to date with all news.


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