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Discussion on: ⚡10 Vim + VSCode tips that will supercharge your productivity

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Great article :) I'm trying to force myself into the vim workflow for the 4th or 5th time XD

I've recently found the Neovim integration which exposes Neovim as service to be consumed inside of VSCode, no emulation!

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James Baldwin Author • Edited

Thanks, I appreciate it :)

And good luck! It's totally worth it. That's about how many times I tried as well. Took time to fix and speed up my typing (another struggle, but worth it), and then just forced myself by working off my laptop (so at least no mouse).

Once I added a couple of the plugins and bindings I mention, I couldn't go back :)

I'll give it a look, I'd heard certain bindings are finicky - but I'm finding the same in the Vim extension too.