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Discussion on: Going Remote: My 5 Expectations

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Amanda Capella

It fully depends on your personality.

You'll be fine, but remember to not hold yourself too strongly to expectations. Set goals. Observe progress. Adjust goals when they don't seem achievable, logical, or pertinent any more.

My non-remote jobs all provided food for that I'm at home, I find myself eating less food, but eating healthy when I do.

Focus is scattered. I'm not 100% in my flow all day, but I never was at an office either. I need space to think, small projects to coast through while larger, more complicated tasks process in the background.

So...less limits/boundaries and more mindset: if I find myself being unproductive, I simple reroute my efforts to getting the next task done. If I'm unmotivated to start one..I find another and hotbox all day. Suddenly it's end of day (a time I set for myself).

The biggest struggle I've found is stepping away from work, really. To just stop at a certain time is difficult...some days i look up and its hours past my "closing time".

Everything else is great. No office politics. No superfluous meetings. Schedule your own hours. Wear comfy clothes. Go to a cafe. No commuting. NO COMMUTING. sigh, it's so good.

Wishing you the best! Enjoy the freedom & welcome to riding remote๐Ÿ˜Ž