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Discussion on: Any suggestions for the project idea?

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Nico Braun • Edited on

I always learn the most when I commit to building something real for somebody.

When you deprive yourself of the options to back out. Now there is someone else that is relying on you, so you better complete your job.

It helps me to not take the easy path when struggles occur. A lot of times we are tempted to switch the architecture or the scope of your project so that it matches our skill set, and we don't have to push our boundaries.

If you have fixed goal and another person involved, you have to stick to whatever it is, you have to get out of your comfort zone and you have to improve yourself.

It also helps with seeing the usefulness / purpose of the project. You know why you do it and that it will be used at the end. That gives extra motivation.

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Nicole Yang Author

I always learn more when I really need to finish a project. (mostly from work lol) Stress makes us grow more. But in the end, I'm always very happy that I finished it. :)