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Free online tech events for awesome developers

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Hi! 👋

While the world is on fire and in-person conferences and events are being cancelled, nothing should stop a good developer from learning. For your convenience, I pulled a list of online tech events. Some of them are paid; some of them are completely free.

It took me two days to browse the internet and collect meaningful events. For now, there are 76 online events. Topics include JavaScript, Python, AI/ML, MongoDB, and more. The list is here:


❤️ Share it in your circles so more people could turn COVID lockdown into opportunity.

P.S. on the next week I plan to add Hackatons to the list. If you know some – please comment.


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Why not allow others to add or advice events too? This way, you will get less load and many events. I say this is an absolute win win situation


yes, that makes total sense and is possible! : ) just press the green button (+):


😄, Nice, Do you add events manually or do you have some background Jobs for automation ?


I used to crawl events automatically, but there is so much noise out there. So I decided to focus on quality, not quantity, and use the power of manual work and community : )

By the way, the source code is available on GitHub:



Below Is my contributions for Hackathons:

  1. hackerearth.com/

  2. hackerrank.com/calendar

  3. Techgig is one of India's top Hackathon portal


Also promote your website in hackernews website as show dev. You can get lot of traffic.

😄, Enjoy.

To contribute to website content like events, do we need to do a PR in Github ?

Thanks for the list, Shaijut. I will add a Hackaton section soon.

To contribute content, just press a green (+) button at the bottom of the website.


Just a heads up that the CodeLand dates are wrong 😅


Hi Jess,

Jul 23-24 2020, is that correct?


Yeah! Maybe I misread earlier and saw July 22-23. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks for checking in!

Could you please double-check if you see the correct date now? I am afraid there is a time-zone bug :D


Really like your work! Events are crucial for being up-to-date. 💯