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Discussion on: Introducing: Tie Tracker. A simple, open source and free time tracking app ⏱️

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Cody Pearce

Nice, smart idea using bottom tabs for desktop and mobile, makes responsiveness easy. How was developing with Ionic?

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David Dal Busco Author

I would not say "smart", I would rather say "lucky me that it actually looks good on desktop too" 😉

Well, Ionic, I'm a long time user and I'm also kind of a fan, I'm notably the organizer of the Ionic Zürich Meetup, therefore I would be a bit biased in my judgement.

What I can say, without too much giving of my opinion, is that it works perfectly well with React.

Furthermore they provide some hooks (ionViewWillEnter(() => {} etc.) which are really handy.

At first I wasn't that a fan that each components have to be explicitly imported in order to be used (which is not the case in Stencil or Angular) but once I understood that the goal was to reduce the bundle size, I was all in 😁

But the more important think to my eyes, is probably the fact that, as Ionic in built with Web Components, it just works the same as with any other frameworks or none. I've got more experience in Angular or Stencil, it makes easier to jump into and learn something new when there are some things which are actually ... not new 😁