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How To Generate A Site With Stackbit

We teamed up with Stackbit to make it easier for you to deploy your DEV posts to a personal website. This service will pull in all your existing DEV posts and make sure they stay up-to-date. Your future posts will also be pulled in automatically.

1) Visit the Stackbit site creation flow.
2) A new page should open up. The first step is to pick the theme of your new site:


3) Next, you’ll choose the static site generator of your preference.


4) Last, you’ll want to connect both your GitHub and DEV accounts. A repository for your new site will automatically be created in your GitHub account.


5) Click “Create Your Project” and that’s it! Be patient, this might take a few minutes. Especially if you have lots of post. After Stackbit finishes its magic, you should have a link to your new site ✨


Note: you’ll need to create or connect your Netlify account to keep the site live.