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Discussion on: What tools do you use for CI/CD? Past experiences, recommendations?

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Connor Shea

I work at GitLab, so obviously GitLab CI :P

In the past for personal projects I've used Codeship or Circle CI, though now I use GitLab CI. For other open source projects I contribute to a lot use Travis, so I end up using that sometimes.

I won't shill too hard since I'm obviously biased, but I think GitLab CI with GitLab Pages is by far the best tool out there for static sites. GitHub Pages has a lot of limitations for deploying static sites, namely the lack of support for Jekyll extensions and the need to include everything in the repo.

With GitLab CI you can build the site dynamically, pulling from other repos or resources. We do this for the GitLab Documentation and it works great.

As for "normal" CI use-cases, it allows auto-scaling and parallelized builds for free (up to 2000 build minutes on for private projects, infinite for public projects). I'm a big fan of it.