What do you want in a JS math library ?

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I want to create a JS library for math as it will be a great learning experience for me while being helpful to the developer community. 🙂 I know that there are a lot of math libraries already there but I am doing it mainly for for the learning experience(and the chance that it might get superpopular 🙃 ).

So, I want you to comment what you want in a math library which will help me decide what to put in it.


Support for math operations using TC39 BigInt so that integers in JS can have more than 53 bits.

Unfortunately they aren't supported by all browsers, only Chrome for now.

Babel 7 only supports the syntax


A way to configure what a division by zero outputs
I mean some people think it should throw an exception,
Some people think it should be one
Others zero

Maybe an exception by default unless a second argument is specified for the division method, in that case return the second argument

Good luck with your library


one? I saw post where they showed that zero is sound option, but first time I hear about one.


Write the calculating part in C so it can be fast, write the wrapper in JS so you can use it.


I don't understand - how will a JS library be written in C ?

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