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Discussion on: The Progressive Rails App

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Alessandro Rodi Author

Thank you Felix! What do you mean exactly with "I am absolutely not sold on on this kind of stuff"?

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Felix Wolfsteller

It's a personal(!) thing: At the moment, I do not want to invest brain-mass and development-hours into modern Javascript-based functionality. I would have to write a lot to be understood - bottom line is probably: I hope to settle on tech that is still around without many changes in 5 years + my typical projects wouldnt benefit a lot from that.

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Yaroslav Shmarov

Felix, moving to webpacker is not as hard as you think ;)
And regarding PWA, imagine:
You add a manifest, a service_worker and that's it!
Whenever someone opens your website in mobile he gets the "mobile app experience". That's a nice bargain!