Getting involved in projects to add to my CV (resume) & portfolio

corey rodgers on December 18, 2018

Hi guys, I'm new here and was wondering what the best way is to get some projects under my belt for discussing in interviews and to give me exper... [Read Full]
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I haven't tried by myself but Chingu connects you with people who want to create something and are on your skill level and together you create something as a team. Maybe it is what you are looking for.


Hey Lucas, thank you for the response, I have now signed up for ' Chingu' in hope for a project to come along! Thanks


If you get a project don't forget to tell us your experience here ;)


Hey, I would like to be you learning partner, and do some projects , I'm not new to programming but I didn't collaborate with someone since long time, I would like to help too as I have some experience and free time this few months, If you are interested tell me.


Hey, I am available to collaborate with you. I am in the scenario.


Hi Imad!

I would be interested in learning from you if you are still available, contact me at

Would be great to learn from someone with experience


I'm interested. I've recently got a trainee job, and I've been struggling with javascript a lot. Would you be willing to help me, friend? I've also sent you a message on chat.

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