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Corissa (She/Her)

Hi everyone!

I found DEV on Twitter when I was looking for development news and communities to follow a little while ago. I didn't sign up until today, but I'm so glad I did! I've already found some excellent posts to share with my software QA team, and found some niche places where I know can contribute to QA automation engineering posts. My team uses Cucumber/Gherkin syntax with Java for both UI and API automation testing. I'm a huge Cucumber fan and love to talk about automation with anyone!

In terms of volunteering, I participate in a few mentorship programs remotely, but I am always looking for new opportunities to participate in something cool! I am also on the communications board for WEX Pride, my company's LGBTQIA+ employee group. As a bisexual woman, it's an honor and a privilege to engage with my LGBTQIA+ community at work. I am especially interested in communities supporting Womxn and LGBTQIA+ people in the tech industry, and software Quality Assurance.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to reach out at any time. I love to write but I have not written in a year or so since I got my awesome new job at WEX. I am excited to lean into the inspiration this community has given me, and contribute!

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Ben Halpern

Welcome Corissa! Great to have you. I think you'll be a great part of the community.