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Best framework for RESTful APIs in 2019

I'm looking for a nice, easy to configure and language friendly framework to build some REST APIs. AFAIK, some of the best, simple and quick are these:

-Flask (which I tried and was awesome)
-Spring boot (which is awesome and simple for me since I come from the Android world)
-Rails (0 info about it, just know that it is one of the most used)
-Laravel (everyone might know some PHP, and Laravel is the best way to work on it)

  • Node js (of course)
  • Microsoft .Net core (which I really think is awesome)

What would you recommend other from these?

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NestJS is an awesome NodeJS framework.

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Anthony R.

Go for Adonis when it's about NodeJS. It's really similar to Laravel.

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Sergiy Yevtushenko

I'd suggest to avoid Spring Boot. Instead it worth to take a look at Micronaut and Javalin.

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Stavro Xhardha Author

Why would you want to avoid Spring Boot? Just asking.

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Sergiy Yevtushenko

Because whole Spring is poorly designed and bloated. It works most of the time if your application matches assumptions made by SpringSource engineers. And even then you can easily meet subtle, hard to debug issues which often have far from obvious fix.
I've used Spring of different versions in various projects for more than 10 years and never use it again if there will be choice.

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Boris B.

API platform on Symfony

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Eric Gu (@ericguuu)


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Try Django REST Framework. You can build production ready API in few 'clicks'. Large community and extensive documentation

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Romain Lanz

I would definitely go for AdonisJS, it's very similar to Laravel and Rails.

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Django-rest-framework is awesome,