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Discussion on: SOLID PRINCIPLES: To start with Object-oriented programming

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corsari • Edited on

Hello Emma, thank you for this synthesis and summary altogether.

Do you kindly have a link to VERY BASIC PHP OOP tutorial ,

I mean a MINIMAL app, like a TODO list or similar, where the TUTOR applies the OOP and its S.O.L.I.D. principles so much. I mean such a kind of over-use of classes as a stretch,

as the word say ---> for tutoring the student

also (and mainly) to show how classes passes tasks one to each other

Unfortunately if you google for PHP OOP, you are flooded with thousands of guides and tutorials that are really silly

They teaches you the dictionary of PHP classes and their grammatical and magic methods ... but NO a SINGLE ONE of them shows a practical implementation or (and MAINLY) the interaction between the classes.

OOP is abstraction and tutorials that add abstraction to abstraction ... are really worse...

... the best idea would be a tutorial where the supposed above TODO list or basic app, as in your examples in this great article, is FIRST written in the classical old style procedural way

then the SAME identical is realized with as many classes as possible (either "excessive" use of classes, the idea there is to show how to make them interact with each other the proper way)

Thank you for any link or , even more, if you may think to write one :-) since I like so much your way to explain ;_)

P.S. I suppose it could become really referenced and popular