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Discussion on: Tales From a Toxic Team

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Costin Manda

I also had similar experiences that ended up sucking part of my soul away and making me into a horrible person for a long while. I mean, more horrible than usual. I get how an incompetent fool trying to stay relevant makes life hell for everybody else. It's like you know you should get away, but you also feel somewhat responsible for letting a vampire continue to exist.

That being said, reading the post I couldn't relate to you at all. I am talking about comparing yourself to other colleagues, reporting people to HR, getting offended for all the culturally acceptable reasons and then writing about it, making your little church with John and so on.

I understand all of this comes as a response to a totally disgusting experience, I am not a stranger to ranting and complaining myself, but take my advice, please, because I lived through it and it doesn't turn out well: don't let the politics of a place turn you into a political person. Just be better than that and find a decent place to work in and remain human.