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More flexibility:

  • Use Single responsibility principle (SOLID) / functionnal programming pure function : it reduce the test scope.
  • Maybe using mock can help

It's recommanded to test only one case per test, I get the bad practice to put all my testing case into an array:

for (arg1, arg2, result) in [(1,2,3),(-1,-3,-4)]:
assert(my_sum_function(arg1, arg2) == 3)

It's bad but you can make a lot of case and change function name easily.

Maintains few tests is always better to have no test at all. To encourage your team adding tests it should be easy ;). So test the freezed functions is a good start.

I'ld love to write an article about "unexpected testing cases", I have this list of error cases:

  • Not found: unexisting file (or bad permission)
  • bad type: '01' instead of 01
  • bad format: negative integer, phone number with +XX prefix, (XSS injection for HTML field), too long (buffer overflow) ...
  • injection: SQL, XPath, LDAP, ...
  • textcase: get uppercase when we're waiting lowercase
  • None/undefined value
  • Exception: divide by zero, ...
  • timeout/network error/ database off
  • invalid endpoint/version/key/authentification (for API)
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