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Discover something new, every day, in every topics
(Forced curiosity)

  • Every day I listen random music/artists I don't know (Flow in Deezer)
  • I take random path when I'm walking (small street hides street-art)
  • I buy random food at market (strange cereals or vegetables)
  • I experience a lot when I cook
  • Once a week I listen random podcasts about subject I don't really care (history, garden...)
  • I test software or languages I don't really need (curiosity)
  • I speak with strangers every time I do carpooling.
  • I use the 'random page' link every time I see it. Wikipedia have one :)
  • I always click on Google doodle

I'll try to extend this list with speaking with people from other countries, cooking foreign meal, etc ...

It takes a lot of time, it's the perfect opposite of productivity, but it's something we can do as human (computer don't love random :) ). It helped me to find awesome artists, nice photography subject, great meal, new way to work, new way to think, fun anecdotes and so much.

It's the best way to break sameness and forget a bad day :)

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