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I agree with this so hard.

I have never considered myself an amazing programmer, but I have excellent skills in communication having come from a managerial career for 5 years before making my way with code.

My career has been a fairly fast climb and I put this down to my communication ability. I can talk to designers, I can talk to product owners, I can talk to clients, I can voice my opinion in meetings, whereas arguably a lot of the "more technically talented" people I have worked alongside can't do those things.

Other individuals will therefore always approach you, rather than the other people. You are the one that is talked about and you are the one that therefore progresses.

I was lucky enough to take a leadership role early last year, and I inherited a team that had its issues. The communication between the team was in a sorry state. Strong characters would overspeak introverts and people wouldn't be happy talking about their frustrations and would rather let them bubble over.

I made it my mission to start conversations and get people to express their feelings. If you didn't like something, then say about it regardless of how high up the food chain you sit. Everyone from each discipline now has a slot to speak in a stand-up rather than the senior speaking for a junior. It was hard to start with and there were some heated arguments, however, the change in the team just through talking to them has been drastic. We are infinitely stronger for it all.


I love this success story.
Thank you so much for sharing!

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