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How to Start CPU Mining Solana with Your Computer in Under 5 Minutes

A Step by Step Guide to Pool Mining Solana Coin in 2021 with a CPU!

Sometimes mining can seem to be too complex for the average computer user, so I thought about putting together a quick guide to get you excited about mining cryptocurrency and Solana in particular.

Anyone can start mining Solana with any computer in under 5 minutes with this guide, regardless of your technical skill level you will be able to increase your crypto knowledge and start mining Solana with your CPU today!!

Solana is a decentralized blockchain built to enable scalable, user-friendly apps for the world. Solana is the fastest blockchain in the world and the fastest growing ecosystem in crypto, with over 400 projects spanning DeFi, NFTs, Web3 and more.

What I like about Solana and maybe you will too, is the fact that transactions are $0.01 or cheaper and they are executed super fast.

Please take a moment to learn more about Solana in the official site: Solana

Okay, let’s get you started!

STEP 1: Get yourself a Wallet.

I recommend using the Phantom App wallet, it allows you to turn your browser into a wallet by installing an extension on your browser.

Phantom Wallet

Or alternatively you could get Exodus or Atomic Wallet, with the wallet you will be able to get your Solana Address which you need for Step 2.


Download XMRig MSVC version from the official site or the Github repository.

Once you download the .zip file, extract it into any location on your computer.

Inside the XMRig folder, locate a file usually called "pool_mine_example.cmd" and edit it's contents.

After editing it should look something similar to this:

cd %~dp0
xmrig.exe -o -u 
SOL:HekM1hBawXQu6wK6Ah1yw1YXXeMUDD2bfCHEzo25vnEB.wkid01#e4xd-wmzl -p x
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In the second line after the -o you can see the Pool URL, in this case all you have to do depending on your location is to use one of the following URLs (select the one closer to your location).


Then, the third line is where you will enter your wallet's public address (copied in STEP 1), place it after the SOL: and before the first dot "." .

The general structure of the address needs to be:

[COIN]:[Wallet address].[workerID]#[Code to lower mining fee]

The workerID is any name you want to give to each computer where you are running the miner so it can easily be identified later on under the pool stats.

The code after the # is important because mining with that code will drop the Mining Fee from 1% to 0.75% (it makes a difference). You can start mining using that code e4xd-wmzl

You also need to edit the config.json file and update the Pools object to look similar to this using your details:

"pools": [
"url": "",
            "user": "SHIB:0xe1b2456a2Ad227b93D7a7421f1E9Cc57908cC37c.wini3#e4xd-wmzl"

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Run the pool_mine_example file as an administrator.

XMRig Mining

At this point you are already mining Solana !!

STEP3: Let's check your mining Stats in Unmineable is a mining Pool which allows you to mine with your CPU using RandomX and pay you in any coin you select.

Unmineable Site

Remember when you set up the address inside the XMRig config file ?

Well, there you just let Unmineable know the coin you want to be paid in, in this example SOL and then the address where they will transfer the mined coins.

In order to check your balance, log into Unmineable and then select the coin you want to mine. In this example, SOL.

Then you can select the Tab that reads RandomX and enter your address in the box that reads "Enter your address to check your stats:".

After doing this you will see the balance on your account and you will even be able to request a payment.

Congrats, you are a miner now!

if you run into any trouble I'm available to help in this discord channel I've created for you:

Additional questions you might have:

How much are Solana fees ?

Solana fees are around $0.00025 per transaction, but they fluctuate over time. The fees are set by the competition for block-space, which increases when the traffic on the blockchain increases.

How many transactions per second can Solana handle ?

The Solana network claims to process 65,000 transactions per second at an average cost of just $0.00025 per transaction, making it much faster and cheaper than Ethereum.

Will mining hurt my CPU in any way ?

No, this process shouldn't hurt or damage your computer in any way. It is recommended though to monitor the temperature of your processor with any software like "Hardware Info".

What is an acceptable mining temperature for my CPU ?

Some CPUs will work without any thermo throttle under 90 degrees celsius. Make sure your processor has new thermal paste and a clean fan for the cooling.

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