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Over tools to split up your screen in 2 or 3 there is a small thing that is important to keep in mind :
if the ultrawide breaks down you'll have to change the whole thing and you probably will have to live without any screen for a little while.
Instead of multi-screen...

In an other side multi-screen is a pain with all those wires...
It could be fun to compare energy consumption between both solutions.

In my own setup I took a "semi wide" screen completed with my MBP 13" and I feel very comfortable with it.


Keeping just one monitor around (any width) would be too risky if you are busy dev. Regardless of your set-up there should always be a back-up plan, otherwise you might end-up coding from your phone screen for a week or so xdd


I do agree, but the main reason of the only external screen is "budget" haha

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